There are many FAQs about what is better for SUP

There are many FAQs about what is better for SUP - Neos or drysuits in the web - and I think it is important to bring some infos that help to find YOUR right product.
First we from Supskin are happy that drysuits come in fashion for SUP finally. The quality of drysuit brands has improved a lot lately. But if you start asking for advice lots of people will share their personal experience about the RIGHT product to buy.
But be aware- most people don´t know much about the details that make THE difference.
99% of users neither read any product related infos or are familiar with important issues as Recycling and Blue Sign Approval.

We all buy with emotion (colour, image, spirit) more than ratio or does anybody know how a mobile device can send words through the sky to friends on the other side of the planet in physical detail? Can you make a mobile phone yourself?
No, I can't and I don't need to know. But be careful giving people advice about function and quality without knowing.

A drysuit is not a rocket science but there are lots of details that make a difference between a €170.- and a €900.- suit. It is not always about money and price ( also depends on distribution or direct marketing) but common sense tells us that there must be a difference. A suit being sold through a Distributeur/ Agent/Shop must be more expensive than a suit sold via online shopping pages. If it is still cheap the producer must save money on fabric and quality. A Supskin Ultimate sold through Distribution would cost more than € 1200.- so to keep it at an affordable price we must sell it online.

And ask yourself:
- What do you need it for? Expedition or recreation?
- How cold is it where you paddle? Ice cold or just chilly?
- How long should it last? One year or a lifetime?
- How breathable should it be?
- How much do I care about Made in ... And environmental focus?

A good drysuit can't be very cheap cause the garments and seamtapes or latex seals cost a lot! Made in US or Europe adds another higher cost because of higher labor costs.
Tailor or custom made suits are much more work and so on...!
So our advice is to read, test and define ! But be sure that staying dry and not letting water on your skin is much better and safer than being soaked and poor protected!

Have fun and see you on the water!


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