Hey chat gpt, I have a question for you...

It is nature that fires our imagination and our responsibility to take good care of it. To figure out an improved system of offering products to customers is the goal of sustainable fashion. Clothing should be made specifically for the wearer, fit perfectly, suit your style and be made to last like in the days before mass production and fast fashion.

Recently, I asked the artificial intelligence chat gpt for advice, specifically for a few innovative and promising ideas for companies in the textile sector. I found the answers very exciting, but they were not really surprising for me...

1. personalised clothing: Offer clothing that can be customised and printed. This could be used by sports teams, companies or individuals.

Being able to choose your own colours and design and getting a drysuit that has been customised are just some of the options we offer our customers.


2. functional clothing: develop special clothing for outdoor activities or sports, such as breathable running trousers or waterproof jackets and similar.

After inventing the world's first paddle suit prototype back in Austria in 2011 SUPSKIN grew into a thriving business over the years. We have continued to drive innovation in all aspects of technical wear for stand-up paddling since then. Innovation comes from necessity but not only for stand up paddling. That´s why we decided to define AZOIA as an umbrella term for high tech waterwear  for the three watersports  SUP, FOIL and PADDLE. 


3. sustainable clothing: many customers are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable options. Use sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled fabrics to produce clothing.

Circular business models - resale - repair - remake - rental - are a win-win situation both for the environment and for us as a company.
These alternative models make it possible to reduce waste, save resources and generate revenue without using new resources from scratch. We can thus design more durable, recyclable and emotionally appealing products that meet customers' demands and fulfill sustainability goals.



4. textile accessories: sell accessories such as bags, scarves and hats made from your textiles. Or why not socks or gloves?

Hello, here we are. The answer is SUPSKIN...sustainable pioneering water wear since 2011.

After hundreds of hours of research, development and testing, we've created paddle suits and accessories that combine water resistance with breathability, lightness, and stretch: Dedicated paddle wear that doesn’t interfere with your performance, but helps you paddle longer, faster, and safer.
Designing more durable, recyclable and emotionally appealing products that meet customers' demands and fulfill sustainability goals have been and will continue to be our motivation and challenge in the development of our products.

It makes us really proud not only that we were a little ahead of the times more than ten years ago but also that we are still on the right track with our philosophy.

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