Paddle Suit Technology

A unique challenge

Water sports pose unique challenges to your wear. You want to stay comfortable whether you're up on the board or wet from a fall. Regular sports wear doesn't provide the right performance for serious paddlers. Outdoor wear will soak water quickly,  wet-suits have no breathability, sailing and kayak dry suits are heavy and too stiff to paddle.

we move

Our arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs are engaged in big movements requiring light weight wear with good stretch

We sweat

In intense sessions we produce heat and sweat. The material needs to absorb and transfer heat and moisture to the outside

We fall

From time to time we fall, which can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.  We need water-resistant and zero-soaking wear

We seek

We love to venture into the wild away from the shore. It’s crucial to stay warm and comfortable until we get back to a safe place

The SUPSkin / AZOIA solution

After hundreds of hours of research, development and testing, we've created paddle suits that combine water resistance with breathability, lightness, and stretch: Dedicated paddle wear that doesn’t interfere with your performance, but helps you paddle longer, faster, and safer.

The fabric - more than just waterproof
The taping – all about the process
The gaskets - sealing the deal
The cut – perfect fit for maximum fun
The zippers – tight, light and easy
Additional features – to round it all up

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