Test Paddle Suit

Test Paddle Suit

Our suits are unique products and you may want to try one on before buying. You can order a test suit from our factory, here is how it works:

(Please be aware that we can only send test suits within the European Union. If you are outside the EU, please contact us through office@supskin.com and we'll try to figure something out)


Choose a suit

Select suit and size in the options below.


Complete your order

You pay a EUR 50 fee which will be credited in case of a suit purchase and refunded otherwise, plus a shipping fee which also includes return shipping.


Receive your suit

Your test suit is for you to try-out size and fit. The seams of the suit are not sealed, it’s not waterproof, please don’t use it on the water. Keep the packaging for when you send it back.


Decide if it's right for you

You'll have 10 days to evaluate the suit. Give us your feedback! We want to hear what you think.


Return the suit

Put the test suit back in the box it came in, and ship it back to us.



Based on your feedback we can select the perfect size for you (standard or made-to measure). We'll deduct the Eur 50 fee from the  price of your brand new  paddle suit. Should you decide against ordering, we’ll refund the EUR 50 fee.

Regular price €50.00